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Resources addressing each of the nine spheres of society
Country-specific Information
Fill in the gaps in your questionnaire with these informative sources:
Tool Kits
Policy solutions for addressing weak institutions
  Library of Congress Country Guides
FAQs and Glossary of Terms
Expert answers from the developers
  BBC Country Profiles
Corruption Laws, Treaties & Reforms
UN Convention Against Corruption
Signed by 123 countries, ratified in 27, not in force
OECD Anti-Bribery Convention
Criminalizes the offering of bribes to foreign officials in order to secure business deals
World Bank Suggested Legal Reforms
A suite of reforms recommended for strengthening institutions
UN Declaration against Corruption and Bribery in International Commercial Transactions
Enough said

Corruption Perception Index
Transparency International's survey of country experts in 145 countries
Global Corruption Barometer
Transparency International's survey of the general public in 64 countries
Bribe Payers Survey
TI measure of the propensity of persons from 21 developed countries to pay bribes to foreign officials in order to win or retain business
Global Integrity Report
Center for Public Integrity analysis of the extent to which citizens are able to ensure open and accountable governance in 25 countries
World Bank Governance Indicators: 1996-2004
Aggregate data on accountability, stability, effectiveness, quality, rule of law and corruption in 209 states
Freedom House: Countries at the Crossroads Report
Evaluates government performance in 30 countries considered 'strategic', or in a democratic transition

OECD Anti-Corruption Division Interpol: Group of Experts on Corruption
UN Office on Drugs and Crime Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering

Center for Public Integrity Freedom House
International IDEA Transparency International

Web-Based Resources
Academic articles on institutional reform and corruption Corruption Online Research & Information System (TI-CORIS)
IRIS Anti-Corruption Resources OECD Anti-Corruption WebRing
Nathanson Center on Organized Crime and Corruption Ulstein 4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre

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