Links to anti-corruption tool kits as created and implemented by other organizations.

UN Anti-Corruption Tool Kit
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime,
Global Programme Against Corruption, [Inter-Governmental]

A wide-ranging treatment of the subject, the UN Toolkit begins with a brief introduction, which is followed by dozens of tools and relevant case studies; addressing institutional vulnerabilities, societal and situtational prevention, enforcement, monitoring, evaluation, international legal cooperation and recovery. Though no comprehensive tool kit exists, this package certainly covers the broadest range of governance and society, and was utilized extensively in the formation of DSTAIR's suite of tools. The full report can be at the UN ODC Anti-Corruption Toolkit website.

TI Corruption Fighter's Tool Kit
Transparency International, [Non-Governmental]
A guide based on successful case studies which aims to empower civil society to combat corruption itself, while simultaneously engaging the private and governmental sectors to do their parts. Encourages users to identify which of the tools would be most useful based on the case information and suggested variations supplied.
The 2004 edition also included two special editions, one entitled "Teaching Integrity to Youth" and a second entitled "Transparency in Local Governance." All of these resources can be found at the Transparency International Toolkits website.

A Handbook on Fighting Corruption
US Agency for International Development,
Center for Democracy and Governance [US Government]

Directed at USAID members and partner organizations in organizing their anti-corruption campaigns. The handbook has not been updated since its publication in 1999. Oriented toward the goals of the donor nation/programme provider in completing their development projects successfully and in facilitating trade, rather than towards the goal of eliminating corruption for the sake of the host/recipient country itself. Thus the tools it provides mainly recommend applying American-model free market institutional reforms.
Download the handbook in .pdf format.

Tools to Support Transparency in Local Government
UN Human Settlement Programme & Transparency International
[Intergovernmental/Non-Governmental Partnership]

As the title suggests, this is a full toolkit directed towards anti-corruption efforts on a municipal scale. Features many case studies on their applications, may be especially helpful in targeted campaigns, or smaller, compact countries.
Download the handbook in .pdf format.

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